Natural Diet of the Everett House Mouse - Surprising Foods They LOVE!

The Everett house mouse is a tiny creature with a prominent pointed nose. They ears are large and their tails will normally be furless. In case you’ve been watching the 90’s cartoons, you probably think that they prefer to eat cheese than any other food. However, most of them are omnivorous that will prefer a range of food such as grain, seeds, and fruits. They also love foods that have high amount of carbohydrates.

Foods that Mice Naturally Eat

There are various types of Washington mice that you will encounter in the wild. Contingent upon the climate and the location, their natural diet will vary. There are those that will be omnivores and others are strictly herbivores. Most of them will establish their nest close to their food source.


For the mice that are herbivores, they will generally eat vegetations in our yard. The local seeds and fruits will definitely attract the attention of the mice, especially for those fruits that are currently in season. During the winter season, there will not be enough foods available. The mice will supply their tummy with corn, oats, bark and roots of the trees. They will also eat vegetables that can withstand cold weather such as potatoes. 


There are Everett mice that will devour a variety of foods. The average type of mice can supply their nutritional needs by eating vegetables, fruits, and seeds. They can also eat mushroom, flower buds and other fungi that are edible. Aside from the plant-based sustenance, they will also eat insects including snails, crickets, centipedes, and worms. These species of mice will love the taste of cheese.

The Mice in the City

There are Washington mice that live outside of the wild. They prefer to live close to the human in the suburban and urban areas. You will normally find them inside the human structures such as residential and commercial properties. They will also establish their den in the parks. These urban mice will not be too picky in terms of the things they eat. They will collect their foods by scavenging on our trash cans and gathering the leftovers. They will raid our yard and eat insects, seeds, and fruits. If there are mice in your house, this means that there are possible food sources nearby.

The Baby Mice

Baby Washington mice are completely dependent to their mother mouse for survival. They will first survive by drinking milk of their mothers just like any mammals. This is why the mother mouse will need a great deal of sustenance while raising her babies. As they grow big, they will start eating the normal food such as corn, fruits, and grains. Nonetheless, this will still be mixed with the milk of their mother. They will highly depend upon the food that the mother mice will bring back to the nest.

Learning about the natural diet of the Everett mice will enable you to look for the right bait that will capture them. This will make the removal process less overwhelming.

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