Ways to Remove Wild Animals From Your Everett Chimney

Once the temperature hits close to the freezing point, the Everett animals in the wild will look for shelter that will give them comfort and warmth and our house would be the excellent candidate. The space in our chimney will be the preferred nesting area of some animals such as rodents and birds. Once you heard, the flapping and the screeching sound, it is time for you to look for ways on how to get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of the Animals in the Chimney

Different Washington animals will require various exclusion and removal method. Make sure that you will be armed with the right gears to make the process easy and efficient. You should also wear protective gears to keep you safe from their threat.

Removing Everett Birds

There are species of birds that will choose the hollow of the trees when building a nest. Our chimney will resemble the appearance of the hollow trees, which is why you will sometimes discover a family of birds inside our chimney. In case you find yourself in this situation, we highly discourage you from smoking the birds out. The best method is to seal the flue that will prevent the birds from accessing our chimney. Avoid using the chimney until the wildlife removal experts have successfully got rid of the birds. Nesting materials should also be eliminated since they are flammable. You should also install a chimney cap to prevent similar problem in the future.

How to Remove Rats and Mice

Rats and Washington mice are small that enables them to access the tiny holes in our house. Getting rid of them will prove to be challenging. While the most common type of rats will usually infest our attic, there are still some cases where they can be found in the chimney. The tiny shelves in our chimney may also be an ideal nesting place for the Norway rat. To remove them from your chimney, you will have to look for the access holes that they are using. You may then seal it using various fillers. If you don’t want to miss a crack or gap, let the experts handle this. The rodents are potential carrier of pathogens that can be transmitted to humans. They also have parasitic insects that can transfer to our pets.

Getting Rid of Raccoons

During the nesting season, the female Washington raccoon may invade our chimney. Using chimney caps is an excellent way to thwart their infestation. Just like the other wild animals in this list, they can also carry zoonotic illnesses that can sometimes be lethal. When they feel coerced, they will retaliate using their strong and sharp claws. Trapping would be the recommended method to eliminate them. You need to consider the placement of the trap and the bait that you will use.

In case you suspect that there is an unwanted guest hiding in your Everett chimney, the next step is to call the professionals. They can provide you a range of removal and exclusion methods that may help deal with your problems.

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