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Welcome to Pest Animal Everett! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Everett, WA. Wild animals can be active at all times of day, and there are many of the species that are active in urban and suburban areas that tend to be more active at night when most people are likely to be asleep. This means that many people will start hearing the sounds of wild animals in their homes at night, which is exactly why our telephone team are available to take your call 24/7. They can offer friendly and compassionate advice and will listen to your situation, and they can usually arrange for an animal removal expert to visit your home within 24 hours. Our wildlife removal experts are trained to deal with all of the species that are likely to find their way into a home or commercial property, and will plan an effective and efficient plan for dealing with it. They will use the most appropriate method for your situation, as depending on the species, exclusion, cage traps and other traps can be the most effective methods. You want to have faith when you are hiring an animal removal company, and as a long established family run company, you can see our reviews and the consistent positive feedback we receive online. Call us now at 360-822-9801 for your Everett wildlife control needs.

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Nuisance wildlife trapping and removal.

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Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

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Everett Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Guide on Finding Dead Animals in Your Washington House

Mammals will be comprised of 0.85% sulfur. However, once they die, the chemical reaction during the stage of decomposition can create a nauseating scent that may last for a couple of weeks. While the microorganisms are working to disintegrate the tissue, the bacteria will create different compounds such as benzene derivatives, methanethiol, and hydrogen sulfide. These are some of the gaseous elements that are found in the decaying body of an animal.

How to Locate the Source of the Decaying Scent

During the decomposition, it is still possible for the dead Everett body to carry some pathogens and parasites. This is why you need to be careful in dealing with the dead body. If you want to make your house a comfortable place to live or if you don’t want this issue to affect the viability of your business, you will need to immediately find the source of the odor.

Where is the Location

The first step to take is to find out the location of the dead Washington animal. Nuisance creatures will prefer to live in the obscure areas of your house. You may start your search in the less-frequented sections such as your basement, attic, garage, or in the void of the walls. You may also use your nose to track the location. In case you are lucky to find the source, wear protective gears when removing the dead body. On the off chance that the source remains to be seen, you may need to pay attention on some signs to determine the location.

Signs of the Everett Dead Animals

You may notice how there will be a stain on the location of the body of the dead animal. This is an excellent indication that there may be a dead body stuck in the hollow of the walls. A damp spot may be a sign that a larger animal is lodged in the walls. In the absence of the stain, another sign would be a congregation of flies or maggots in a particular area. In case removing the dead body seems to be a challenge, the professional animal removal company will be able to assist you.

Eliminating the Odor

Understand that the scent will not be gone once you remove the dead Washington body. You will need to decontaminate the area in order to completely eliminate the irritating scent. A masking agent or an odor neutralizer would be an ideal way to get rid of the odor. You may also open the windows in order to improve the circulation of fresh air. 

Still, the best solution for this situation is prevention. Keep your Everett house pest-proof to keep the animals outside. This may include simple home modifications such as installing chimney caps, barriers, and exclusion device. In case you need to consult the expert, call them immediately and they will be able to provide recommendation that will prevent the nuisance creature from accessing your house. This also eliminates the possibility that you will need to deal with the dead animal in the future.